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April 1, 2014:
The Wheel is Open! Daytime rides are $24.95 and Nighttime rides are $34.95. Review Journal News .


Between the Flamingo and Quad:

The Linq district opens out the area where a Truncated O'Sheas now stands, and has shopping and dining experiences along the pedestrian route to the High Roller wheel.

How big is the proposed Las Vegas High Roller Wheel

Linq district expected to revitalize Flamingo area of strip

Las Vegas Ferris WheelThe High Roller Wheel is now open and has apparently won the competition for large ferris wheels in Las Vegas. As part of an entertainment district that includes the new Cromwell hotel and casino (formerly Bill's) and has a pedestrian mall (now mostly open) with major shops and restaurants, the Flamingo is expected to be a new hub for tourist activity thanks to the largest wheel in the US.

Looking for more information, like pricing and how the wheel became so big? Here is a slide show giving you an idea of how everything was built. The best way to view the wheel (aside from driving behind the Flamingo) is to go between the Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) and the Flamingo through the Linq district that leads you all the way to the wheel, which is in fact visible from a long way away. (We saw it when driving in from Arizona after we passed the Hoover Dam.) While official pricing hasn't been announced, costs are expected to be $25 to $35 per person, and pods will hold 40 people. Each pod is spherical, has its own motor to keep it level while ascending, and rides will last 30 minutes.

Many people familiar with the plans for Observation wheels in Sin City will remember long-made plans for the 600 foot Voyager Wheel that was supposed to be located at the London Resort (cancelled) by the Rio, near the Palace By the Sea resort (cancelled) or by the Montreux (location of old New Frontier) resort. Note that because the plans for these resorts never got off the ground the accompanying wheel, which presumably would have been financed by the construction for the hotels and casinos, was also not built. Since 2008, it has been a lot harder to scrape up money for a project in Nevada.

Notes and Special Information

Author's Note: We have been actively monitoring the progress of the High Roller, including some of the original plans for the Wonder Wheel which has not had the quick construction progress of the High Roller.